Vunetrix Network Monitoring (VNM) is a purpose-built network monitoring solution for the security industry. Since IP network devices constantly produce data streams, VNM can apply open IT management protocols to collect, interpret and return the data as useful information. We then put this information at your fingertips. You will know what is going on with these devices, how they are performing and when they fail. The alerts and notifications give you confidence in the health and performance of your security system.

IP based technology demands that security people become competent network integrators. Not everyone has a comprehensive understanding or is comfortable with these added responsibilities. VNM simplifies a network and puts the knowledge back into the hands of the security professionals who manage the network.

“Is Network Monitoring Only for LARGE Companies?”

The answer is No – although it’s a common misconception. Companies of all sizes benefit from having good information – information for expediting a response, troubleshooting an issue, minimizing downtime, or being proactive. In addition, reports generated from VNM data are useful for security planning, review and analysis.

When security devices fail without fanfare, the security system becomes compromised and there is increased risk of not having answers when the organization wants to know:

  • Who was notified when our system failed?
  • Do we have video records to avoid a lawsuit or resolve an incident?
  • Can we confirm inappropriate activity such as a violent confrontation or a theft?
  • Are we conducting maintenance and replacements appropriately?

Vunetrix Network Monitor helps manage risk and will provide greater confidence and trust in your security network.