We’d rather talk to you about your needs; however, you’ll need to know more about us and the essential services we provide before starting a business relationship. On this page, we provide information concerning who we are, where we come from and what we’re trying to accomplish. We’d also love to hear from you if you want to talk more about Vunetrix – contact us here!

Our Existence

The cornerstones of today’s security systems are high availability networks, unflinching connectivity and bullet-proof data transport and storage. Security platforms are steeped in information technology (IT) and Internet protocol (IP) but are often challenged to provide the level of dependability demanded by customers. Vunetrix was created in 2011 to address this shortcoming.

Our Background

We’re a technology company that provides health and performance monitoring of security network systems. Our team consists of skilled security integrators with extensive IT experience. We create security products and platforms which scale to any sized organization and will monitor, manage and support an IP security network better than anything else in the market.

Our Locations

From our corporate office in Seattle, Washington, Vunetrix USA, Inc. provides direction and administrative support to remote branch offices in Pennsylvania and California.

The Canadian company, Vunetrix, Inc., has its headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta.

Our Vision and Commitment

Our vision is simply to make the conversation about security network monitoring as commonplace as talking about the weather! We understand that our customers, resellers and partners need solid solutions and options to monitor their security networks.
We’re all about choice. You will find our hosted serviceshardware appliances, virtual appliances are as scalable and cost-effective as possible.

Our Outreach and Support

Our company is committed to the dealer channel. We train, certify and empower security integrators across the county to deliver our product and message. We support approved partners through all aspects of the installation, configuration and optimization of our network monitoring software.

We conduct regular on-line webinars to share our knowledge and introduce our monitoring solution. If you’re interested in attending one of our free webinars, sign up for one today!

We make our fee-based professional services available to both certified resellers and end-users alike. Whether we provide face-to-face or remote assistance, our goal is to make the customer experience seamless and hassle free.

Our Training and Certification

We offer fee-based training to both security integrators and end users.  Integrators are required to keep qualified Vunetrix administrators on staff to maintain their certification.  End user training is optional but recommended.  Annual refresher courses keep users current with new software features and updates.

On-line web-based courses are scheduled every calendar quarter and listed on the web page.  On-site training is available upon request.  If you would like further information about Vunetrix training and certification, please contact us directly.

Our Contact Points

If you require assistance or would like further information about Vunetrix, please contact us directly.