Solution Architecture

The Vunetrix Network Monitor solution uses a multi-tier architecture to ensure efficiency and scalability – even across thousands of devices.  Effortlessly deploy monitoring in the most technically complex and geographically diverse environments.  If your sites are connected by slower internet links?  No problem.  Using software collection agents in each geographical location, minimum bandwidth is required to communicate with the central monitoring database.

Vunetrix Architecture

Download this brochure to find out more about the architecture of the Vunetrix Network Monitor solution.

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Vunetrix Hosted Service

Our Secure Hosted monitoring solution is one of a kind in North America.  We have sites in both the USA and Canada and monitoring data never crosses the border, nor goes overseas.  By using trusted, Tier 2+ Colocation facilities, we ensure the availability and security of your data all day, every day.  Best of all?  It is fully managed so you don’t have to lift a finger.  It’s like having an Easy Button that says Trust Your Network.

Vunetrix Hosted Service

Download this data sheet to discover more about the Hosted Service offered by Vunetrix.  Our hosted offering features “just right” pricing – you pay only for the sensors you use. 

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Vunetrix Appliances

Of course, because we know that not all customers will have internet access or perhaps policy or regulation prevents them from connecting their security infrastructure to the internet, we also offer hardware appliances with Vunetrix Network Monitor pre-installed.  

Enterprise Appliance Data Sheet

Download this data sheet to discover more about the Vunetrix Network Monitor Enterprise Class appliance.  Loaded with all the goodies the IT department wants including robust, redundant hardware, fault tolerant RAID array and automatic backup.

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Wouldn’t it be awesome to have the power of Vunetrix Network Monitor in a portable appliance that you could take to a client site, spin up and discover devices, then begin diagnosing health issues immediately, all without having to worry about connecting to the cloud through a firewall, port forwarding, or better, rack installation?  We thought so too.  Simply plug this mobile appliance in, connect to the network and begin discovering devices.  Simple.  Now you can take the power of Vunetrix right to your customer’s site to enable the monitoring in just a few clicks.

Mobile Appliance Data Sheet

Coming Soon…  Download this data sheet to discover more about our Vunetrix Mobile appliance.  All the essentials, along with a bite-sized license that allows your technicians to take the power of Vunetrix Network Monitor to client sites for things like project implementation, troubleshooting of issues at a site, and asset inventory.  The mobile appliance can discover up to 100 or 500 sensors.