Getting Started

File Name Description Last Updated
 VNM Minimum System Requirements  The Minimum System Requirements document if you planning to deploy VNM Services v14.4.12 on your own hardware or virtual machine. (PDF 270 kb)  June 2015
 Appliance Quick Start Guide  Quick Start Guide for unboxing and installing a Vunetrix Appliance on your network (PDF 285 kb)  March 2015
 Getting Started – VNM Hosted  Coming Soon  July 2015
 Getting Started – VNM Appliance  Coming Soon  July 2015



File Name Description Last Updated
 VNM One Sheet  A one page introduction to Vunetrix Network Monitor. (PDF 390 kb)  July 2015
 Vunetrix Architecture  Vunetrix Architecture Diagram (PDF 837 kb)  April 2015
 Conceptual Diagram – Vunetrix Appliance  Conceptual Diagram – Vunetrix Appliance (PDF 135 kb)  July 2015
 Conceptual Diagram – Vunetrix Hosted  Conceptual Diagram – Vunetrix Hosted Service (PDF 135 kb)  July 2015
 Conceptual Diagram – Vunetrix Hosted VAR  Conceptual Diagram – Vunetrix Hosted Service with Multiple Remote Probes (PDF 275 kb)  July 2015
 Conceptual Diagram – Vunetrix Private LAN  Conceptual Diagram – Vunetrix Service bridging a Corporate and Security LAN (PDF 275 kb)  July 2015


Case Studies

Vunetrix has been deployed to many customers world-wide. We have provided a few Case Studies below to share how Vunetrix has proven to be a critical tool in providing useful, actionable data to these security organizations.

File Name Description Last Updated
 Religious Organization  Case study focusing on how one international religious organization has used Vunetrix Network Monitor to ensure various parts of their security network are working properly and, in turn, keeping followers safe when attending one of their many geographically-dispersed places of worship. (PDF 300 kb)  March 2014
 Telecomm Provider  Read about how a Telecommunications Provider is using Vunetrix Network Monitor to monitor the surveillance devices at hundreds of locations across the United States. (PDF 325 kb)  March 2014
 Pharmaceutical Manufacturer  This case study describes how a well-known pharmaceutical manufacturer is protecting the integrity of their security systems at their manufacturing plant, storage facilities and offices. (PDF 305 kb)  March 2014
 Technology Manufacturer With a network of over 5000 IP surveillance cameras and 300 servers worldwide, this technology manufacturer was frustrated by numerous and frequent outages resulting in down time in the neighborhood of days for many parts of their system. Read about how Vunetrix helped this manufacturer Trust Their Network with accurate, timely notifications of device issues. (PDF 350 kb)  March 2014