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Vunetrix Features


Proactively manage any IP device on your network for both real-time and historical reporting.

Thousands of devices are already supported with dozens more being added all the time. Our focus on security devices makes this a crucial tool to have as a part of your overall security network health strategy.


When a device or sensor enters a warning or error state, Vunetrix Network Monitor can send automatically send email or text message notifications to an individual or group and display a error on the Vunetrix monitoring dashboard.

Some examples of the alerts that can be sent by VNM are:

  • A failure or pre-failure of a physical hard disk drive
  • CPU or memory utilization exceeding a configured threshold
  • Bandwidth for a surveillance camera dropping below a quality threshold
  • State of a Windows service for Video Management or Access Control systems
  • Threshold for disk space usage
  • Temperature of a Comms room or network closet
  • Amount of battery run time remaining on a UPS
  • State of a dry contact/input

All alerts, thresholds, emails and alerts are extremely customizable and can be sent using the built-in, zero-configuration SMTP server or one that is externally-supplied.


Devices can have one or more sensors; health or performance metrics of a physical device, logical state, volume, or measurement. High and low watermark thresholds can be configured on sensors to display warning or error states on a single device or group of devices based on your company’s guidelines and metrics.


Maps help you keep track of the geographical location of your equipment. See, at a glance, the real-time status of devices in different locations in your network.

Floor-plans and line drawings can provide documentation for location security devices. Almost like an Easy button for inventory!


Reports can be scheduled and sent directly to select email recipients or generated on demand through the web-based interface. Vunetrix has a built-in email relay server so you don’t have to set up outgoing email.


Use real, intelligent trending data from your security devices to assist with justification of your next budget request.