At Vunetrix, we’re passionate about the value our solutions and via our monthly webinar series, will demonstrate it to your management team, employees or customers. Those who attend get an overview of the VNM features of Vunetrix and an opportunity to ask how VNM will work in their application.

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In the Introduction to Vunetrix Network Monitoring webinar, you will learn:

  • What Vunetrix Network Monitoring is, it’s features, and how it can benefit you, whether you are a security integrator or own and operate IP-based security infrastructure.
  • How Vunetrix uses multiple open IT protocols to go beyond simple SNMP monitoring, effectively covering more of your environment.
  • About Vunetrix’s secure hosted solution and hardware appliance options.
  • About supported device types and the real-life benefits different types of sensors can have in the world of IP-based security.
  • How Vunetrix responds during device outages and notification options.
  • About ROI – how investing a portion of your security budget up front can increase your protection of the investment of the entire security infrasturcture.
  • About Vunetrix’s robust reporting engine and how it can effectively summarize monitoring for one or many sites.
  • How you can become proactive rather than reactive about the device health on your network.
  • How to leverage reports to identify problematic trends, defective devices so that your team can take action.

The intended audience for this webinar:

    • Security Directors, Managers, Chief Security Officers
    • Security VARs, Integrators, and Sales people
    • Consultants who specify security deployments
    • IT personnel that support security environments
    • Network Administrators

Introduction to Vunetrix Network Monitoring

Date: Thursday, August 20, 2015

This webinar begins at 13:00 hrs EST and lasts one hour.

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In the Technical Discussion webinar, you will learn:

  • About more advanced features of Vunetrix Network Monitoring and how they can benefit you, whether you are a security integrator or own and operate IP-based security infrastructure.
  • More about the multiple IT protocols that Vunetrix uses to provide robust coverage of your environment.
  • Details about the myriad of sensor types available to Vunetrix customers allowing a broad range of security devices to be monitored.
  • How to scale the Vunetrix Network Monitor solution to thousands of devices and multiple geographical locations.
  • How to deploy Remote Probe software agents into customer networks to provide robust monitoring in a secure fashion across the Internet.
  • About User and Group permissions that allow customers or business units within clients to see as much, or as little, as you want them to.
  • About advanced notification options for device outage responses.
  • About how you can customize reports to meet specifications of your customers.
  • How to utilize Vunetrix’s private cloud infrastructure to effectively provide health and performance monitoring for many clients.
  • How Vunetrix goes beyond simple Health and Performance monitoing and works with your existing IT infrastructure to provide intelligent data for real-world business applications.

The intended audience for this webinar:

    • Technical Security Directors or Managers
    • IT personnel that support Security environments
    • IT Managers/Directors
    • Network Administrators

Technical Deep-Dive into Vunetrix Network Monitoring

Date: There are no Technical webinars scheduled at this time.  Please contact us to arrange for one at a time that works for you.