Know your normal

Safeguarding your environment begins with understanding how your physical security network was designed to behave. Know your normal forms the foundation of Vunetrix’s excellence. Our best-in-class software, Vunetrix Network Monitor (VNM), determines the baseline condition for each IP-based physical security device in your environment.

Detect Anomalies

Once Vunetrix establishes your systems’ ‘normal’ state, and sets the appropriate thresholds, VNM software monitors all of the bandwidth fluctuations and network traffic to assure the devices are operating within normal ranges. If an anomaly occurs, VNM promptly alerts monitoring staff and Security teams.

Key Alerts

Camera Not Recording

VNM solves this challenge by knowing the baseline ‘normal’ data flow for each camera. If normally during a specific time of day the camera would be producing data and now there is no significant data, it is likely the camera has been blocked or corrupted, and VNM will alert.

Camera Configuration Issues

VNM solves this challenge in the same way. A higher than expected band-width reading or data flow level can be indicative of a misconfigured camera. VNM will send an alert. This type of information would normally not be visible to video system users.

VNM makes the invisible, visible.

CPU Performance

VNM can determine an instant such as, today we are seeing 80% utilization of the CPU where normally we would see 20%. When this occurs, VNM will alert.

Available Memory

VNM identifies when low-memory is available on a server endangering application performance. The result can be lost video scenarios, data loss, failed applications, or a complete system crash. VNM will alert.

Hard Drive Health

VNM identifies when hard drives reach unacceptable temperatures, are low on capacity, or are in pre-failure state and need to be replaced. VNM will alert.

Battery Life

VNM identifies when the available UPS back-up battery power falls below a pre-configured target level. VNM will alert.

Common Alerts

  • Device Data Traffic Throughput
  • Hard Drive Failure
  • CPU
  • Critical Service Failure
  • Memory Failure
  • Bandwidth
  • On / Off
  • Recording
  • Temperature
  • Device Website Access
  • System Wide Power Failure
  • Back Up Power Failure
  • Access Control

Respond With Context

Not every alert is equal. Vunetrix provides organizations with data so that they can add context around each alert empowering better decision-making. With Vunetrix onboard, companies know:

  • Where there’s a problem
  • The nature of the problem
  • How to respond

Alerts can be customized and individualized per operational duties. The identification of an incident, gives Security professionals the opportunity to respond before valuable data is lost and their environment becomes compromised or breached.