Know your normal

Safeguarding your environment begins with understanding how your physical security network should be behaving. Companies must establish benchmarks, set thresholds and then set up notifications for when thresholds are breached.

Providing context around the physical security network’s normal operating standard allows Vunetrix to set unique data thresholds for each mission critical device connected to the physical security backbone. This is what we call, “Know Your Normal.”

Detect Anomalies

When a device is not behaving normally, Vunetrix detects this abnormality. If too much or too little data is coming from a device, Vunetrix sends an alert.

Key Alerts

  • Device Data Traffic Throughput
  • Hard Drive Failure
  • CPU
  • Critical Service Failure
  • Memory Failure
  • Bandwidth
  • On / Off
  • Recording
  • Temperature
  • Device Website Access
  • System Wide Power Failure
  • Back Up Power Failure
  • Access Control
Understand Your Normal Vunetrix On Premise

Respond with Context

Not every alert is equal. Vunetrix provides organizations with the context around each alert empowering better decision-making. With Vunetrix onboard, companies know:

  • Where there’s a problem
  • The nature of the problem
  • How to respond

Alerts can also be customized and individualized per operational duties. The identification of an incident, gives Security and IT professionals the opportunity to respond before valuable data is lost and their environment becomes compromised or breached.