Vunetrix products and services are sold through authorized partners known as Vunetrix Certified Solution Providers (VCSPs). These quality integrators are front line to the customer’s security environment and are trained to properly install, configure and support Vunetrix solutions. We expect the integrator to provide a better response and customer experience than we can directly.

Benefits of being a Partner

Vunetrix Network Monitor (VNM) helps security integrators provide a higher level of service especially for those who have less bench strength or depth in IP networking technology. Proficiency with Vunetrix Network Monitor differentiates an integrator from others by providing the following advantages:

1. Real Data in Real Time

Vunetrix Network Monitor creates and analyzes performance metrics in near real-time. It responds to changing conditions in a network and can inform an integrator of the changes without the integrator having to be on-site.

2. Scheduled Reporting

Imagine having an “easy button” that generates a report of the health of the network security devices. Imagine being able to schedule and circulate that report automatically.

The reporting engine in VNM produces a customized report with category selections such as bandwidth utilization, device availability, network device health, and UPS battery runtime remaining. The report can be emailed directly to individuals or routed to a service team to be reviewed and shared with the customer.

3. Improved Efficiency

The majority of security service calls are reactive, that is, when a problem occurs and the customer calls, a service truck rolls before the problem is identified or a resolution is determined. There is increased time lag and greater costs responding this way. Did the proper person get assigned to the call? Was the technician properly informed of the problem? Did the correct testing gear and/or replacement product get taken to site?

The better way is with Vunetrix Network Monitor. Real time performance metrics help identify and report the problem accurately such that the proper person and product is deployed in a quick and efficient manner./p>

4. Proactive Service

Reactive troubleshooting, as described above, is expensive. Using VNM proactively reduces the possibility and cost of failure. VNM performance metrics indicate weaknesses and predict possible failure which can be addressed prior to an event, thus keeping the security network continuously operational.

5. Improved Client Relationship

The on-going business relationship between the integrator and customer can be strengthened with Vunetrix products and services. The VNM information adds value, increases confidence and deepens the relationship with the customer, especially when advanced feature sets are offered:

The Vunetrix Certified Solutions Partner (VCSP) Program

The Vunetrix Certified Solutions Partner (VCSP) program is an application submission and review process. Qualified applicants are signed to an agreement, must complete certification training and must maintain Vunetrix certified administrators on staff for the duration of the authorization.

Contact us to request information about becoming a VCSP.