Missing Video

Internet protocol (IP) video surveillance is a smart investment for companies who want to mitigate their risk and reduce their liability. The problem lies in the reliability of the monitoring infrastructure. Despite investment size, device quality, and team performance, missing video continues to thwart physical security teams.

Why is this happening?

First, IP-based security video requires a lot of bandwidth and storage capacity and creates complex configurations with a large number of variables. Second, IT monitoring tools often neither monitor video behavior nor detect many of the causes of missing video. The tool must monitor the integrity of the video stream and the recorded video’s retention time and quality.

For optimal performance companies must deploy a monitoring tool that is set to specifically monitor the integrity of the video stream as well as the retention time and quality of recorded video.

Why Vunetrix?

Vunetrix technology is always on, informing you right away if part or all of the surveillance system might or has failed. Vunetrix continuously alerts you of real-time issues so that you can respond proactively and immediately.

How Do You Know Your Security System is Online?

Surveillance System Monitoring Benefits

  • Uptime: Vunetrix ensures that surveillance cameras are online and functioning normally.   
  • Delivery: Vunetrix confirms that video streams are actually sending data. Vunetrix warns if and when networks are behaving abnormally and could potentially fail or have already failed.
  • Compliance: Vunetrix stores real-time and historical data about the performance of your surveillance system. Your team can access performance and compliance reports on demand as well as review daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly summaries.