Why Vunetrix?

Vunetrix was purpose-built to solve the Monday Morning Blues experienced by ALL Integrators. We revel in helping our Integrator partners become their customers’ Best Service Provider. 

Our software tool monitors the status and performance of each device and service inside a security network and detects and reports issues in near real-time. Every 30-60 seconds a probe checks for performance anomalies and status changes and sends an email when there’s a problem detected. Vunetrix provides alerts, often before the customer even knows there’s a problem, making the Integrator the HERO. You can now detect and solve problems before a security event occurs and before your customers’ environments become compromised.

How We Do It!

Vunetrix addresses every performance metric for your physical security system during its entire lifecycle.  Our technology helps companies proactively manage their system and move away from a break-fix model.

When you deploy Vunetrix to monitor your physical security network, performance issues and security concerns are reported instantly. The system notifies you in near real-time, if any of the devices on your network are acting “abnormal”.

What’s more, Vunetrix is both product and Integrator agnostic. It doesn’t matter who makes your network devices or what software you are using. The Vunetrix tool will integrate into your system and instantly begin reporting meaningful data.

The combination of smart technology and customized alerts safeguards your environment with unprecedented efficiency enabling you to get the right information to the right people quickly for a proactive and immediate response.

We offer you intelligent insights so you can prepare for, predict, and prevent system failures. With Vunetrix, you know what is happening with ALL of  your monitored IP sensors including cameras, hard drives, video recording services, emergency phones, smoke sensors, UPS, access control, HVAC, and more. Vunetrix’s always-on technology reports system status 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When you deploy Vunetrix to monitor your physical security sensors, performance issues and security concerns are reported to you instantly, allowing you to manage and resolve situations quickly and efficiently.  The system notifies you in near real-time if any of the devices on your network are about to fail, have failed, or are acting abnormally. You will be alerted via email, SMS, and other customizable notifications.

What Makes Vunetrix Different?

The answer is simple:

Our well-designed software was purpose-built for physical security. It’s “off-the-shelf” technology that’s easy to implement and easy to use.

Vunetrix allows you to Prepare for, Predict, and Prevent failures.

  • Identify anomalies before they become critical
  • Respond proactively to device behavior
  • Triage situations
  • Troubleshoot anomalies
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities
  • Reduce risk
  • Stay and report compliance
  • Budget accurately

We like to say, Vunetrix makes the invisible, visible.

Even better, we help organizations lower the operational cost of their physical security systems.