Control Panel Malfunctioning or Failures

Life and safety devices protect people from life-threatening situations. For instance, most hospitals provide panic buttons for their patients. If there is an emergency, a patient can just press a button and notify personnel that they are having a problem. If these devices malfunction, patients cannot communicate when there is an issue and can be seriously—even fatally—injured.

Why is this happening?

A central control panel monitors and manages each panic device. Panel stability and control require constant monitoring to ensure that they function as designed. However, control panels can be made vulnerable in several ways: the flow of power can drop, or a component can fail. Worse yet, malicious tampering can take the entire system offline. All of these failure points put your clients and patients at risk.

Why Vunetrix?

With Vunetrix, our technology is always on, logging and available to report right away if the control panel loses power or has been compromised. We assure that you can continuously monitor control panels, ensuring the reliability of all your life and safety devices. Vunetrix sends real-time alerts of any system anomalies or failures, allowing your security team to respond immediately to life-threatening situations.

How Do You Know Your Security System Is Online?

Additional Benefits

Improved Security and Efficiency: Vunetrix automates time-consuming tasks and delivers real-time, holistic visibility to your mission-critical devices. With the correct alerts, your security team can expect to use fewer resources to ensure their companies’ security system is operational and functioning with optimal performance.

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Compliance: Use Vunetrix software to monitor security systems, guarantee uptime and streamline compliance reporting in real-time. Our tool helps companies ensure and report compliance as defined by industry mandates and regulations.

Rapid Troubleshooting: Having all the data on a single dashboard provides you with instant visibility to assess and diagnose operational issues. Vunetrix provides the answers for quick and effective responses.

Business Analytics: The Vunetrix tool drives better business and physical security infrastructure decisions for your company’s capacity planning and system performance. Your security team always knows when devices approach the end of their life cycles and need replacing.