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There are a variety of challenges when it comes to Property Management and property security. What’s more, each property has unique requirements depending upon its intended use: commercial office, industrial, retail, and multi-unit residential. In every case, the Property Management company is tasked with meeting tenant expectations while providing the right level of security for the property. Property Managers must ensure employees, residents, visitors, and all public spaces are secure. This can include lobbies, elevators, hallways, loading docks, parking areas, and more. Most well-designed systems include detection, alarms, security video, access control, Security Officers, visitor management, gated parking, and more. After careful planning, installation, and testing of an appropriate security system, Property Management companies must then focus on how to successfully manage several locations at once.

Multiple technologies, often operating in silos, make it difficult to understand the complete picture. What’s more, most systems are not set up to monitor the operating status of each device or application. This makes it impossible to know when something is down or compromised. Property Managers require tools that offer detection services, 24/7 remote and instant access along with the speedy dissemination of good and productive information.

This is why effective Property Managers rely on the Vunetrix SMART Dashboard. The Sensor Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting Technology continuously scans the status, activity, and performance of every IP security device and application in each environment. Since most Property Managers are managing multiple locations across vast geographies, having a single-view SMART Dashboard allows them to view system health and status through a single-pane-of-glass. What’s more, when there’s a malfunction or problem detected, they are alerted in real-time via email.
By automating device and service health checks and providing visibility through a central location, Property Managers save time and money. In addition, risk mitigation, speedy time to resolution, and effective property management are achieved with unprecedented efficiency.
Undoubtedly, the Vunetrix SMART Dashboard gives Property Management companies a competitive advantage, as they can rightfully claim safer communities.

Learn more about the Vunetrix SMART Dashboard and the SMART approach to Property Management.