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Casinos seem to put a big focus on high-tech security, but in reality, many are just doing enough to get by. In fact some spend a minimum amount of money on security and surveillance. Large casinos have around 2,000 cameras connected to 50 monitors with just a few people watching live surveillance. Most of the videos the casinos collect are just used forensically. The goal is to have the information there to be scrutinized when casinos notice players winning unusually large amounts of money.

What’s more, for tax reasons, casinos have to track players who cross certain winnings thresholds. If you show up, win money, and then move around the casino, they’re obligated to track you through it all. Because of this, sensors are everywhere.

Each casino resort has tens of thousands of sensors including every door lock system, every slot machine, ATM machines, point of sale machines,  and every security camera and application. In fact, casinos might possibly have more sensors per square foot than any other place in the world.

Most well-designed security systems include detection, alarms, intercoms, security video, access control, Security Guards, parking lots with barriers, and more.  After careful planning, installation, and testing of an appropriate security system, Security Teams must develop processes to mitigate risk and respond to incidents when they occur. This can be a mighty challenge in such a complex environment.

Most casinos do not have fully integrated security devices and applications. In fact, multiple technologies often operating in silos, make it difficult to understand the complete picture. What’s more, most systems are not set up to monitor the operating status of each device or application. This makes it impossible to detect when something is down, malfunctioning, or compromised. Security Teams requires tools that offer detection as well as 24/7 remote and instant access along with speedy dissemination of good and productive information.

This is why Casinos rely on the Vunetrix SMART Dashboard. The Sensor Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting Technology continuously scans the status, activity, and performance of every IP security device and application throughout the entire casino resort. Having a single-view SMART Dashboard allows Security Teams to see system health and status through a single-pane-of-glass. What’s more, when there is a problem or anomaly detected, Security Teams are alerted in real-time via email.
By automating device and service health checks and providing visibility through a central location, Casinos can redeploy the guard force to other matters while maintaining a proactive approach to security management. In addition, risk mitigation and speedy time to resolution are achieved with unprecedented efficiency.
Undoubtedly, the Vunetrix SMART Dashboard gives Casinos peace of mind as they can count on proactive detection to security system issues and real-time alerts long before an incident occurs.


Learn more about the Vunetrix SMART Dashboard and the SMART approach to a functional and resilient Security System.