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Bill Davis

Bill Davis

The Security Technology Evangelist

A passion for security and more than 20 years of experience make Bill a Security Technology evangelist and enthusiast. As Vunetrix’s Director of Sales, he leads business development efforts, building enduring relationships that balance technical expertise with a focus on service. Bill takes pride in working with industry leaders in the Channel, Specifier, and End-User communities. He also uses his finance degree from the University of Notre Dame to deliver strong account management and risk assessments to clients and channel partners.

In addition to preaching about the power of security technology and bringing people together, Bill uses his experience and passion for funding his family’s boating, camping, and Pittsburgh sports habits.

Security Philosophy

If you build a 10’ wall into your security plans you can expect a 12’ incident; it is almost a given. To be prepared for tomorrow’s unknown, the best first step is to know what is normal today. Situational awareness is everything.

Personal Philosophy

We are only immortal for a limited time.