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Cristine Wick

The Client Champion and Trusted Adviser

As Director of Sales for the Western Region, Cristine brings 23 years of security industry experience to help her clients find appropriate solutions to their security challenges. Her clients know that she champions their concerns and she does an excellent job of balancing the client’s success and needs with the sales objectives of her company.  As a consistently client-centric sales professional building and maintaining trust are of the utmost importance.

Vunetrix is a natural fit for Cristine as it has a like-minded team that deeply cares about outcomes and works collaboratively to fix security challenges. Her broadcast news journalism background reflects her natural curiosity and passion for purpose driven communication. That background combines well with security industry experience to deliver sharp skills in communication and problem solving, which are invaluable for discussing the best solution to protect network and physical environments.

Cristine’s customers know that they come first: she always seeks a collaborative, consultative approach to finding the right solution to their security challenges. In her personal time, she likes to hike and travel with her daughter. As a certified yoga instructor, she does yoga daily to stay healthy. She also enjoys reading a good book, and she loves to scuba dive in warm waters.

Security Philosophy

“To be become aware of a single point of failure and do nothing… is failure.”

Personal Philosophy

“Once you accept your limitations- they become your limitations.”