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Doug Cherney

Director of Sales East

As Director of Sales for the Eastern Region, Doug brings nearly 20 years of security industry experience to help his clients find innovative solutions to their most troubling security challenges. His clients have come to appreciate how consistently he focuses on adding value and delivering results. As an influential thought leader and people-centric sales professional, Doug is often called upon by the partner channel to support their sales efforts.  

Vunetrix is an ideal fit for Doug as the entire team is focused on developing and providing security solutions which bring tremendous value to the industry. His military intelligence training and security experience combine to deliver a completely unique and specialized approach to solving some of the industry’s most difficult challenges. Doug is always a welcome addition to the conversation, even when the product he is selling isn’t well-suited to solve the problem at hand.

Doug’s clients know he has their best interest at heart. The truth is, he is simply more interested in solving their problems, than selling a product. On a personal note, Doug likes to spend time with his wife Lisa, enjoying their newly built home on a lake in Georgia. He is also a talented painter and avid fisherman.

Security Philosophy

Simplicity solves and complexity kills a security solution. Is your security solution solving the issues?

Personal Philosophy

Seek clarity over agreement. Lack of clarity creates misunderstanding.