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Todd Pettinger

Todd Pettinger

The Jack of All IT and Security Trades

Todd easily lives up to his reputation as the Swiss Army Multi-tool of IT expertise. While working as a Help Desk Representative nearly 20 years ago, Todd diversified his skills through a transition to Intel-based server support, picking up numerous credentials along the way. He sharpened his enterprise IT hardware, network, server, and virtualization acumen at one of Canada’s top telecommunications and Internet service providers for almost 12 years. Todd’s move into security in 2009 while working for a Canadian integrator has delivered life-changing solutions for small businesses, corporations, and governments through access control and video management. Most notably, one of his high-definition video systems has assisted the capture and conviction of a rapist.

As the Director of Technology for Vunetrix, Todd leads the Network Monitor application and the technical support team. Outside the office, he heads volunteer crews for Habitat for Humanity, competes and raises funds as an ultramarathoner and triathlete with Cops for Cancer, and channels his passion for hockey into coaching the ice and ball hockey teams of his three children.

Security Philosophy

Where some see “just devices hanging off a network,” Todd sees critical pieces of infrastructure that help deliver life safety or protection for individuals and corporations.  Nothing is more important than trusting these devices will be there, operating properly, when you need them.  That is the goal for us at Vunetrix, providing assurance, not just hope or guesses.