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Campus Security & Safety Innovations Webinar

Automated Intelligence Technologies

With Covid-19 cases increasing and all of the civil unrest breaking out across our country, it’s never been more important to ensure safety and security across your campus. Automated intelligence technologies are making it possible to increase safety, efficiency and productivity all the while reducing costs and burdens to facilities and security teams.

If you’re looking to:

  • Optimize Security Technology Performance
  • Discover Real-Time Security Threats
  • Augment or Reduce Security Staff
  • Outsource Contact Tracing

Thursday, December 10th 8am PDT

Join us and our esteemed panelists for a 1-hour webinar to discover how to make the most out of your security investments.

Sandra Krager – VP Sales & Marketing Vunetrix

As a researcher and communication connoisseur, Sandra integrates Vunetrix vision, mission, and core values into every aspect of the business. She’s particularly adept at identifying customers who fill well with Vunetrix automated intelligence technologies.

Curtis Nikel – CEO Vunetrix

As CEO of Vunetrix, Curtis merges forward-looking talent with technologies to deliver people-centered automated-intelligence solutions for the security industry. His award-winning technologies are purpose-built to protect organizations and optimize operational efficiencies.

Ryan Schonfeld – CEO RAS Watch

Physical security expert renowned for building security programs & operations centers for rapidly growing techs, startups and emerging markets. Schonfeld is also an active volunteer police officer.

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