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At Vunetrix, we’re dedicated to supporting forward thinking integrators. The Vunetrix Protect Partner Program (VP³)  is designed to help our partners become trusted advisors to their customers and further develop their support services. If you’re looking to take your integration business to the next level, Vunetrix is the ideal partner for you. 

How Does Vunetrix Support Security Integrators?

The Vunetrix Network Monitor (VNM) and SMART Dashboard allow integrators to provide an enhanced level of service for their customers. Proficiency with these tools differentiates an integrator from their competition and gives them all the information they need to be proactive. In fact, integrators who utilize Vunetrix, know when there’s a problem inside a customer’s security network well in advance of a customer’s call.

Security Equipment Status in Real Time

VNM monitors performance metrics from all IP security devices and services inside a security network. It detects changing conditions and can notify an integrator of a problem without the integrator having to be on-site. VNM determines the baseline operating behaviors of each device and service and then alerts when they have an abnormal change in status, allowing you to be proactive vs. reactive in servicing your customers. 

Flexible Reporting

Imagine having an “easy button” that generates a report on the status/health of a security network’s mission critical security devices and services. Integrators can schedule and circulate reports on demand and automatically.

The reporting engine inside VNM produces customized reports with category selections such as bandwidth utilization, device and service uptime, video service recording stats, UPS battery runtime remaining, and more. Each report can be customized by job function and emailed directly to individuals or routed to a service team to be reviewed and shared with the customer. Vunetrix also provides custom compliance reports to prove compliance to regulatory agencies. 

Improved Efficiency

The majority of integrator service calls are reactive. A problem occurs, the customer calls, and a service truck rolls before the context of the problem is identified. With Vunetrix, integrators are alerted to a problem inside their customer’s network often before their customer even knows there is a problem. Imagine being able to respond proactively to problems inside a customer’s security network with knowledge of where the problem is, what the problem is, and how to go about solving it.

Proactive Service

Reactive troubleshooting is expensive and inefficient. We know there’s a better way. That’s why we check each device and service every 30 to 60 seconds proactively reducing the possibility and cost of failure. VNM performance metrics indicate weaknesses so you can predict possible failures which can be addressed prior to an security event, thus keeping the security network continuously operational.

Improved Client Relationship

The on-going relationship between an integrator and their customer is strengthened with Vunetrix. The SMART Dashboard and reporting features allow integrators to be more proactive than reactive with service calls. In-the-moment insights and access to detailed information about the client’s network increases confidence and deepens the relationship with the customer. Information exchange becomes strategic and backed by real data. 

With Vunetrix, You Can:

  • Identify network problems before they become critical
  • Respond proactively to device and service behavior
  • Troubleshoot anomalies
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities
  • Reduce risk
  • Maintain and report compliance
  • Budget accurately
Benefits of the VP³
  • Pre-Sales Technical Support
  • Turnkey Marketing Campaigns
  • Free Lab / Demo Software
  • Project Registration
  • Promotion in Partner Directory
  • Collaboration with Field Sales Teams
  • Sales Playbook
How to Apply for the Vunetrix Partner Program

The VP³ is obtained through an application submission and review process. Qualified applicants enter into an agreement and are required to complete certification training. Every partner must have at least one Vunetrix certified administrator on staff for the duration of the authorization.

Meet Our Certified VP³ Partners

Together We Provide Proactive Solutions To Mitigate Physical Security Risk

“The Vunetrix solution has enhanced Convergint’s service capabilities, assisting us on our mission to be our customers’ best service provider. We can do better than simply informing customers that a particular network device or system has failed. Our clients expect us to be proactive in monitoring the health and overall status of the systems we are servicing, and the Vunetrix solution has enabled Convergint to exceed these expectations.”

Tony VarcoVice President Security, Convergint Technologies

“Thanks to Vunetrix, when our clients’ critical infrastructure is down or about to go down, we know. Fifty percent of the time, we are dispatching trucks before our clients even know they have a problem. There is no question about whether or not we are going to be there. We’ll be there.”

Phil LakePresident, Knight Security Systems

“At On Target we strive to be our customers #1 service provider. Our partnership with Vunetrix helps us to do just that . We are able to monitor their entire security system CCTV and Access Control 24hrs a day 365 days a year and can take immediate action when we detect our customers system is having an issue. In some cases we are able to respond and fix a potential problem before it becomes one.”

Chris CarrothersDirector of Security Operations, On Target Solutions

Partner Program Application