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Know your normal

Safeguarding your environment begins with understanding how your physical security network was designed to perform. ‘Know your normal’ forms the foundation of Vunetrix’s excellence. Our best-in-class software determines the baseline condition for each IP security device and application in your environment.

Detect Anomalies

Once Vunetrix establishes your systems’ ‘normal’ state, you can then set appropriate thresholds. The software monitors all of the bandwidth fluctuations and network traffic to assure the devices and applications are operating within normal ranges. If an anomaly is detected, Vunetrix promptly alerts Security teams and technicians.

Key Alerts

Camera Not Recording

Vunetrix solves this challenge by knowing the baseline ‘normal’ data flow for each camera. If normally during a specific time of day the camera would be producing data and now there is no significant data, it is likely the camera has been blocked or corrupted, and Vunetris will alert.

Camera Configuration Issues

Vunetrix solves this challenge in the same way. A higher than expected band-width reading or data flow level can be indicative of a misconfigured camera. Vunetrix will send an alert. This type of information would normally not be visible to video system users.

Vunetrix makes the invisible, visible.

CPU Performance

Vunetrix can determine an instant such as, today we are seeing 80% utilization of the CPU where normally we would see 20%. When this occurs, Vunetrix will alert.

Available Memory

Vunetrix identifies when low-memory is available on a server endangering application performance. The result can be lost video scenarios, data loss, failed applications, or a complete system crash. Vunetrix will alert.

Hard Drive Health

Vunetrix identifies when hard drives reach unacceptable temperatures, are low on capacity, or are in pre-failure state and need to be replaced. Vunetrix will alert.

Battery Life

Vunetrix identifies when the available UPS back-up battery power falls below a pre-configured target level. Vunetrix will alert.

Respond With Context

ASSESS See and Understand System Performance

The Vunetrix SMART Dashboard is highly visible and offers unprecedented visibility into the status and performance of all IP security devices and applications, as well as the security network as a whole. Color-coding and graphic representation make it much easier to understand the normal state, so Security teams can establish benchmarks and thresholds as well as alerts to be triggered when thresholds are breached.

ALERT Detect System Health Issues

The real-time alerting system serves as a “check engine” light for Security, providing highly detailed notifications of specific system health issues.

  • Camera Not Recording
  • Camera Configuration Issues
  • CPU Performance
  • Available Memory
  • Hard Drive Health
  • UPS Battery Life

ACT Resolve System Issue Rapidly and Effectively 

Armed with a deeper understanding of the security system in its normal state, coupled with real time alerting in granular detail, Security practitioners can respond to system status and health issues with contextual knowledge. In other words, with Vunetrix onboard, the right information gets to the right people quickly for a collaborative response before your environment is further compromised.