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A SMART Dashboard for detecting failures inside security networks

Sensor Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting Technology

See Everything

Vunetrix integrates devices from diverse manufacturers into a single view dashboard, and detects, in real-time, the health, performance, and failures across all of your security inventory.

Flexible Reporting

Automated and on-demand reports accurately show security device performance, including issues and resulting resolution.

Practical Pricing

Vunetrix pricing is simple and easy to understand. Whether you choose an on-premise or hosted solution, it’s affordable and fitting.

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Understand Your Normal

Safeguarding your environment begins with understanding HOW it should be behaving.

“Know Your Normal – A vital first step in protection.”

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Detect System Issues

When devices perform abnormally, you are alerted immediately.

“Vunetrix is the heartbeat of your physical security network.”

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Respond with Context

Empower better decision-making through real time data about device behavior.

“Without data all you have is an opinion.”

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Proactively Manage

Detect Inventory Source Issues

Business Intelligence

Transform Data Into Answers

Prove Compliance

Continuous Real-Time Monitoring

Security Infrastructure Management

Budget Intelligently



Vunetrix turns device-generated data into valuable insights. Glean a real-time understanding of what’s happening across all of your physical security sources. Proactively detect and prevent failures and make informed decisions. It’s business intelligence for your physical security devices – at a glance.

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