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CIO Review: Fortifying Physical Security

By March 5, 2018March 27th, 2018Public Articles

Security, both virtual and physical, constitutes the nucleus of business continuity. Organizations are constantly questing for efficient technology solutions and security strategies that allow them to be one step ahead of the threats while meeting stringent security compliance mandates at reduced cost. Speaking of physical security concerns, a couple of years ago, a South Albertan railway platform was inundated due to torrential rainfall resulting in physical security equipment failures. Vunetrix, a company with expertise in addressing physical security challenges, came to the rescue by getting the security devices up and running in minimal time.

Curtis Nikel President of Vunetrix“We were able to watch the equipment fail as water filled the IT room. Once the infrastructure was thoroughly checked for faults, remotely, we successfully prepared the bill of materials and headed to the site to replace the faulty equipment,” recounts Curtis Nikel, CEO, Vunetrix.

Although a key strategy, video monitoring isn’t the panacea for all physical security concerns as defects that develop in the devices over time, most often, go unnoticed.

Moreover, organizations and their IT teams should be able to discover anomalies in their infrastructure by leveraging the existing infrastructure. Vunetrix offers device information monitoring using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) that monitors the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP IP) traffic. Evaluating the device information, Vunetrix software inspects network bandwidth, scrutinizes the health of a device, and determines if the device is on or off. For instance, it can diagnose the condition of the video camera, inspect the servers that are collecting the video streams, check the network connection cards, and ensure that the bandwidth stream is indeed continuous and operating efficiently.

“Know your Normal”—forms the substratum of Vunetrix’s excellence.

The firm’s best-in-class software helps determine the normal condition for a given physical security appliance in a given environment. Once the ‘normal’ is established and the bandwidth thresholds are set, the software then monitors the bandwidth to assure that the devices are operating within the established normal parameters. Should an anomaly occur, it promptly raises alarms to address the issue.

The software lays the base line of deployment in the form of templates for the devices. Vunetrix also delivers device information to customers through a single pane of glass. Devices from diverse manufacturers are integrated into a single dashboard displaying the health condition of the devices in the form of color-coded charts. Real time alerts on server, power supply, storage drives, and network are shared with different personnel based on their job responsibilities through email alerts automatically.

Advanced physical security technology is mission-critical for unencumbered business continuity and brand management.

Vunetrix has proved it by thwarting money, equipment, etc heists in a communication carrier company that uses Vunetrix software across 3000 of their sites. The breach of Vunetrix network health monitoring lines reported instantly in each case, while the theft was in progress. The client could dodge the blow of incurring a loss of more than $65,000 in each of the compromised sites.

Vunetrix is gaining a lot of traction in various industries—gaming, healthcare, public transportation, legal cannabis, among others. Venturing into the future, the firm intends to add complimentary tools to their software in 2018. These tools are all set to assist security professionals be better at protecting their brand. “We are all about making the security professionals, professional.” asserts Nikel.

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