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Revolutionizing Physical Security Services

By February 23, 2023Press Release, RMR

Enhancing Physical Security Monitoring: Advantech’s Journey to Success with Vunetrix

Providing comprehensive security services for hundreds of clients can be a complicated and time-consuming task, with monitoring the health of numerous security IoT devices and software systems a particular challenge. Advantech, a leading provider of industrial IoT solutions, faced precisely these difficulties, struggling to identify the root cause of issues and lacking historical data. This made it challenging to assure device and system uptime without resorting to frequent on-site support visits. Customers were left uncertain about the status of their security systems, resulting in dissatisfaction and lost business opportunities. Seeking a solution to enhance its managed service program, Advantech implemented Vunetrix, a device health monitoring solution.

Monitoring the health of hundreds of clients’ security IoT devices and supporting software systems was a complicated task for Advantech. Without having all of the information in a single dashboard and being able to see everything in one place, it was difficult to understand the root cause of an issue. Without historical data, it was challenging to determine if the problem was with the device, network, or system software. This lack of visibility made it difficult to assure security device and system uptime without constantly sending techs onsite, which left their customers with a sense of uncertainty about the status of their security systems.

Advantech implemented Vunetrix as a device health monitoring solution for its managed service program. Prior to Vunetrix, Advantech would only be made aware of issues with security equipment when a customer called to report a problem. With Vunetrix in place, Advantech receives notifications about any issues and can remotely troubleshoot and resolve many of the issues 80% of the time, greatly reducing response times and the need for truck rolls. This benefits both Advantech and the customer by saving time and money.

Vunetrix has also allowed Advantech to schedule maintenance and discover and fix critical issues more efficiently. It has helped Advantech meet compliance requirements for clients in industries with strict monitoring regulations, from utility providers to methadone clinics. The constant communication about the activity of the security system has strengthened Advantech’s relationships with customers and driven more recurring business to the company.

For the customer, Vunetrix provides peace of mind knowing that their security systems are being monitored 24/7 and allows for proactive communication about any issues. Overall, Vunetrix has proven to be a valuable addition to Advantech’s managed service program by providing enhanced monitoring capabilities and adding value to the customer experience.

Advantech’s implementation of Vunetrix has allowed them to provide enhanced monitoring services on the equipment they installed, adding significant value to their customers.

“Vunetrix has been a game-changer for our team. Before, we would only find out about issues with our customers’ security systems when they called to report a problem. With Vunetrix in place, we receive notifications about any issues and can often resolve them remotely before our customers even know there’s a problem. It’s saved us a lot of time and truck rolls, and our customers appreciate the proactive service. It’s also allowed us to identify and address potential vulnerabilities before they become real problems. As a result of implementing Vunetrix, Advantech has been able to increase its service revenue, retain and attract customers, save time and resources, and provide peace of mind both for our customers and our organization. ” – Bill Hickox, Chief Operating Officer at Advantech

Advantech is a customer-focused security integration company that specializes in providing innovative solutions for physical security systems. With a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, Advantech designs, installs, and maintains security systems for a wide range of industries and organizations. From CCTV and access control to intrusion detection and video analytics, Advantech offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the unique needs of each customer. With a focus on staying at the forefront of industry advancements, Advantech is always exploring new technologies and techniques to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its solutions. As a result, Advantech has been able to provide enhanced monitoring services on the equipment they installed, adding significant value to their customers.

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