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3D TSI Reduces False Liability Claims for Transit Client

By November 19, 2021Uncategorized

Mass Transit Security
The Challenge

Public transportation is a popular target for bad actors. Not only is it open to virtually everyone, but the industry trend supports automation and unmanned stations. These among many factors make mass transit a potential playground for criminal activity. Some of the most common security concerns include:

  • People accosted on a platform
  • Vandalism
  • Lewd acts by individuals or groups
  • Individuals hit by a train
  • Trains as a delivery mechanism for a weapon

When any of the above security events occur, it’s critical to have the video for investigations. Unfortunately, if cameras or video systems malfunction or stop working altogether, video degradation can occur or be missing altogether. This leads to liability issues and the inability to fight false liability claims and prosecute criminals.

So, how do you assure overall security system uptime and quality video evidence when needed?

The Solution

The team at 3D TSI has the skillset to design an integrated surveillance system with broadband wireless connectivity for remote locations and deploy a device health monitoring software that performs continuous device performance checks around the clock. When there is a problem with a camera, server, or wireless device, 3D TSI receives instantaneous notifications.

Instantaneous notification puts the power in 3D TSI’s hands. They can increase uptime and situational awareness for each client they serve. Frankie Pedersen, System Engineer for 3D TSI claims this, “The fact is, if you don’t know it’s down, you can’t do anything about it.”

In addition, 3D TSI’s service team has remote access to many of their clients’ sites, allowing 3D TSI the ability to resolve up to 80% of their client’s device issues remotely without ever having to roll a truck. And, when they do roll a truck, they know what the issue is, where the issue is, and already have a plan to resolve it. This allows 3D TSI to deliver first trip resolution in most cases.

Unmonitored Security Networks and T&M services should be a thing of the past.

Frank Pederson, Owner of 3D TSI shared this, “Our clients no longer must tell us that there’s a problem with their cameras or any other security or network device. We know immediately and can take steps to fix the problem before our clients even know about it. It’s truly the best outcome there is.

Our clients don’t worry. They know their security system is being performance monitored, and if something happens, it will be dealt with in a timely manner, before a security event occurs and before missing video evidence becomes a liability issue.”

Scary Fact: Approximately 3%-5% of the security devices on any security network today are offline, misconfigured, or malfunctioning and NO ONE likely knows about it.

About 3D TSI Managed Security Services plus 24/7 Device Health Monitoring

3D TSI is always on the job. Their clients enjoy managed security services with round-the-clock health monitoring for each security system at every location. With system health monitoring powered by Vunetrix, even small issues are detected and proactively addressed by 3D TSI’s remote experts before their clients are even aware of them. 3D TSI’s Managed Security Services include onsite support with guaranteed response times.

Top 10 Benefits of Managed Security Services plus 24/7 Device Health Monitoring

#1 Cloud-based Performance Monitoring Software
3D TSI uses a patented, cloud-based app (Vunetrix Network Monitor) that watches over their clients’ networked systems, servers, storage, endpoints, and power supplies to ensure everything is working. Oftentimes, they fix small problems before they become BIG Problems!

#2 Continuous Device Health Checks
Through continuous device health checks and instantaneous notifications, 3D TSI knows immediately when there’s a problem and can proactively identify device issues and fix them before failure and before a security event occurs.

#3 Remote Connectivity
When 3D TSI has remote access to their client’s sites, they can investigate any problem remotely and resolve 70%-80% of device issues without ever having to roll a truck. The cost savings in this service model are remarkable – over 50% reduction in costs.

#4 Advanced Diagnostics
Advanced diagnostics software allows 3D TSI to determine the nature of any device issue quickly. They know in an instant what the problem is, where the problem is, and can schedule timely onsite service and repairs with a “First Trip Resolution Promise”.  In fact, 3D TSI resolves over 85% of clients’ onsite issues during their initial trip out to the site.

#5 Inventory Management
With accurate fault and performance trending data available from the performance monitoring software, capital expenses to replace failing equipment or devices which are beginning to act erratically prior to failing are identified and replacements budgeted with hard data backup.

#6 Operational Cost Reduction
3D TSIs’ clients enjoy operational cost reductions when manual checking of security devices is 100% automated.

#7 Reduce Camera Downtime
Continuous health checks mean 3D TSI knows in an instant that there’s a problem with a camera. They then take immediate steps to resolve the problem and assure all cameras are working when a security incident occurs.

#8 Ensure Security System Uptime
Managed security networks with device health monitoring allow 3D TSI to maximize their clients’ security systems uptime.

#9 Scheduled Repair & Maintenance
At 3D TSI, their clients enjoy managed security networks with defined service response times resulting in zero surprise bills.

#10 Video Evidence Quality Guarantee
Assures quality video evidence is available when needed for an investigation.