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Big Data is Changing the Way Security Leaders Manage Their Environments

It’s called the SMART Approach

Like it or not, you probably know, we’re in the age of data, BIG DATA. The evolution of business analytics has driven us to collect, monitor, and optimize our businesses based upon data. This is a good thing. Instead of making business decisions based solely on opinion, data can help us make informed decisions.

But what about the security industry? How can Big Data help Security officers solve their everyday challenges?

Big-Data-Physical-SecurityWith the advancement of IP-based security equipment, comes the ability to monitor equipment and collect data about performance. Now companies can automate processes and give their Security teams tools necessary to proactively manage their environments. In other words, Big Data is giving the security industry information to better manage their infrastructure. What’s more, Big Data allows Security officers to identify system issues and security holes before there is an incident – rather than just picking up the pieces in the aftermath.

How is this accomplished? It’s what we at Vunetrix call, The SMART Approach.

Raw data, i.e.: data that has not been organized for consumption, is nearly impossible to understand. You either have to be an expert data analyst with a lot of time on your hands or you can deploy a SMART dashboard. (Sensor Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting Technology.) SMART dashboards are powerful and adaptable tools to help collect, monitor, and analyze data sets. In the security industry, SMART dashboards integrate disparate security devices and services and organize their data streams. In addition, SMART Dashboards condense large amounts of data into a dynamic format used to monitor and report the health and performance of security infrastructure.

How does a SMART dashboard work?

To begin, you must first understand the metrics within your system. Each and every IP-based device/service has sensors that produce raw data. The amount of data coming from a device and service has normal benchmarks depending upon the day and time of day. When you understand how your system was designed to perform, i.e.: it’s normal state, you can then set thresholds for when devices and services behave abnormally. These thresholds are connected to an alarming system, which can be set up to alert when thresholds are breached.

Enter in The SMART Approach.


In the ASSESS stage, continuous network scans determine the status, activity, and performance of every IP-based security device on a network. Security officers can then view the network through a highly visible and color-coded dashboard.


In the ALERT stage, real-time alerting serves as a ‘check engine’ light for security, providing highly detailed notifications of specific system health issues. A few of the most common alerts include:

• Camera Not Recording
• Camera Configuration Issues
• CPU Performance
• Available Memory
• Hard Drive Health
• Battery Life

Alerts will be seen on the dashboard and can also be delivered via email to the appropriate personnel. Critical alerts can be sent instantly and less concerning alerts can be delivered when suitable. Alerts give Security personnel time to fix system issues in advance before an incident occurs.


The final stage in The SMART Approach is the ACT stage. Security professionals armed with a deeper understanding of the security system in its normal state, coupled with real time alerting in granular detail, can respond to system status and health issues with contextual knowledge. In other words, the right information, gets to the right people quickly for a collaborative response before an environment is further compromised.

In summary, a SMART dashboard organizes Big Data and makes system status and health visible and understandable. The SMART approach speeds time to resolution, mitigates risk and enables more effective management of your security environment.

Still not convinced a SMART dashboard is right for you? Vunetrix offers free 30-day pilots. Let us show you how a SMART dashboard can integrate into your system and begin reporting valuable data. Start using Big Data to better run, operate, and protect your business.

Data is truly the only way to efficiently and effectively run a business.
Or, in the words of W. Edwards Deming’s, “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”

Vunetrix was one of the first manufacturers to build a custom tool or SMART dashboard for security network monitoring. We have more experience monitoring security equipment and services than any other company out there. Let our team of security consultants help you begin to better manage your security environment and prevent failures. Contact Vunetrix today!