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The Effects of IP Video on an IT Network

By October 13, 2017October 23rd, 2017Video_Surveillance

Now more than ever, the surveillance industry is at a crossroads. Digital technology has given Security professionals an essential tool for protection against false claims and for prosecuting defendants. Effects-IP-Video-On-IT-NetworkIP based cameras are mainstream, and the ability to provide indisputable video evidence with exceptional quality is here. The challenge lies in the amount of data these cameras are transmitting over already taxed networks. Streaming video data can literally bring a network to its knees.

There are several places where video can be compromised. To address these security concerns and inherent risks, Vunetrix developed a network monitor to keep a watchful eye on the surveillance network. Vunetrix alerts if and when the system is failing or about to fail.

Inherent risks inside an IP-based Security Network

Video is captured by a camera

  • Camera may be disconnected, stolen, or vandalized.
  • Camera may be tampered with: turning it or covering the lens.

Video is transmitted over the network to a recording server

  • The network infrastructure may be compromised, impacting communication.
  • The network may be flooded with unwanted data from a distributed denial of service attack.

The recording server stores video

  • The recording server could be turned off.
  • The recording server may have failed.
  • Recording services can hang causing the loss of video.

Addressing Security Concerns and Inherent Risks of Lost Video

Since video plays a critical role as evidence material, when it’s damaged or missing, there’s a problem. What if you could lessen the chance of lost video and at the same time reduce your costs and eliminate excess man power?

It’s all possible with Vunetrix!

By understanding how your physical security network should be behaving and benchmarking normal, Vunetrix helps minimize the risks of video loss to your business. To learn how, download our e-book “The Secrets of Protecting Your Environment from Lost Video Data.”

We hope to pique your curiosity how a tool that integrates your network and devices can combine with real-time alerts to deliver better monitoring and reporting, and therefore ensure video reliability.