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Innovation and Risk Mitigation in Local and State Governments

Local and State governments are becoming more and more resourceful in their efforts to keep communities safe. Public Safety innovation is vital because it’s a major contributor to economic development. Economic prosperity and social harmony cannot exist without a significant degree of safety. In fact, people need to feel and be secure every day to thrive. Unfortunately, in a world that is increasingly dangerous, Public Servants have an enormous challenge on their hands.

local-and-state-governmentUNICEF recently reported that approximately 70 percent of the world’s population will live in urban areas by the year 2050. This known trend toward urbanization brings about incredible challenges for the Public Safety Officials charged with keeping communities safe. Protecting residents all throughout their communities is a monumental undertaking. Fortunately, digital innovations are providing key ways to manage and improve public safety. In addition, Security Teams are beginning to rely upon stronger online tools to coordinate their efforts. In fact, SMART technologies are making inroads into risk management initiatives for Local and State governments across the U.S.

At Vunetrix, our team has participated in multiple security events and shows in 2018. We have found Security Leaders inside Local and State governments are beginning to see real value in an integrated, visualized, and collaborative command center which displays real-time information and provides relevant data for analysis. By integrating multiple technologies into a single-view dashboard, Security Teams can access in-the-moment insights through a single-pane–of-glass. In addition, automated alerts can be set up and delivered by priority and organized by job function. These SMART solutions integrate multiple technologies through sensors and provide reliable automated processing of information. This allows Public Officials and Security Teams the ability to make informed decisions as well as prioritize and disseminate resources intelligently.

In a multi-part series, Security Consultant Doug Button, does an excellent job of describing the challenges associated with enterprise security systems and identifying SMART solutions for effective risk management inside complex environments.

“The intent of this series is to reduce anxiety, but it is important to understand that all of the amazing security technologies we have available to us today also bring risks of their own. While these solutions are valuable to address and mitigate specific risks, they must be implemented and managed so that new risks are not introduced to your organization.” Click to view entire series, Risk Management – What Keeps You Up at Night?

At Vunetrix, it is our mission to work with Security Leaders to help them solve their biggest challenges. Vunetrix is a proven always-on technology providing 30 second health checks for all security devices and applications across wide geographical areas.

To learn more about how the Vunetrix SMART Dashboard is helping Security Teams from Local and State governments manage their security environments and mitigate risk, view our resources.

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