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Is the IT Department Monitoring Your IP Security Equipment?

By May 24, 2018June 21st, 2018Network Monitoring

What exactly are they monitoring?

Most IT departments have a robust monitoring solution for their network infrastructure. They know when there’s a problem, why there’s a problem, and often what steps they need to take to solve it. However, more often than not, IT is NOT providing Security teams robust monitoring of their IP security infrastructure.

Why Not?

Simply put, video is a bandwidth pig.

It’s true. IP security devices and applications produce mounds of data. And, many IT departments aren’t sure how to interpret it. This is because they have not been regularly exposed to IP security device behavior.  The challenge lies in understanding data flows and knowing when something is performing abnormally. You have to know how each security device and application performs in its normal state so that you can detect when they are in pre-failure state or malfunctioning.


Security teams want to know when:

  • Cameras are not recording
  • Cameras are misconfigured
  • Available space on hard drives is low
  • Hard drives are in pre-failure state and need replacing
  • UPS battery life is low
  • CPU performance is abnormal
  • Services are hung, causing unresponsive applications

Enter Vunetrix

Vunetrix is an off-the-shelf software solution that has been purpose-built for monitoring security devices and applications. Vunetrix has pre-built “Gold Standard Templates”, specifically for security devices and applications, that can be applied across ANY IP security network.

What’s more, within one week, Vunetrix will automatically determine the normal operating performance for each device and application. Once these baselines have been determined, thresholds for abnormal performance can be set. Then, when there’s a threshold breach detected, Vunetrix will alert.

The Best Part

The software allows you to automatically weed out unwanted noise, and, focus solely on relevant alerts that compromise your security environment.

Alerts are sent via email and are set up to visually display on an intuitive, single-pane-of-glass interface. The interface/dashboard is color-coded and displays graphically for easy interpretation. The dashboard also provides a real-time overview of the entire security network taking into account geographically disperse locations. Even better, alerts can be configured by priority and sent to key personnel depending upon job function and time of day.


Vunetrix provides Security teams with the information they need to have a meaningful conversation with the IT department about their security environment.

If you are concerned about your IP security infrastructure and aren’t confident that IT is giving you everything you need, give the team at Vunetrix a call. We’ve been working with Security and IT teams longer than any other IP monitoring company. We can help you get the information you need, in a timely manner, well before your environment is compromised and a security event occurs. Give us a call today!