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Looking Back on ISC West 2018

By May 2, 2018TradeShows

Vunetrix Team Perspectives

Pondering our collective experience at ISC West, the team at Vunetrix shares these insights about ISC West 2018.

Curtis Nikel, CEO

This year at ISC West, I saw in attendance a very Professional group of Security Practitioners. The types of questions we received and the level of knowledge which exists within the attendees continues to tell us just how responsible today’s Security Executives have become. The heightened concern for knowing how well a business’s technology is working and what to do as quickly as possible is being lived real-time.

Our Vunetrix product was demonstrated to many and the feedback received was almost unanimous, “let’s never again allow our security department to be caught off guard with equipment that isn’t working”. When you look at what Vunetrix can do, it’s checking your security system’s hardware millions of time per hour, simply amazing!

Vince Ornato, President

Attending ISC always brings enlightenment that shapes the future of our industry. Ideas this year included conversations around Cyber Security and IT best practices, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. But more than ever, it is evident that security is evolving in a more holistic approach and manner.

The need to build technology around useful processes is becoming more prevalent than ever. These processes include the need for benchmarking and illustrating what is working and what isn’t. Providing useful data that can be analyzed and acted upon in a timely and efficient manner. Also, providing data that provides historical perspective and context to make sound decisions for your company.

I must say I am proud to be serving an industry that holds safety and security in such high regard. To be part of this evolution and bringing our own contribution with Vunetrix software tools is as exciting as it gets. Modeling these tools around IT best practices not only coincides with the needs for today, but also tomorrow.

Todd Pettinger, Director of Technology

New this year is the number of health monitoring solutions being touted by several VMS manufacturers, and even a couple of our competitors. This serves to validate what we have been evangelizing for the past several years; tracking the health and performance of IP security devices is vital to ensuring a safe and secure environment. The good news is that this belief is beginning to gain general acceptance across the entire industry with consultants, end users, and integrators. Just as IP surveillance cameras took a number of years to gain real support from the security community, health and performance monitoring is starting to become commonplace in solution RFPs, specified systems designs, and everyday conversations surrounding security equipment.

The future of Vunetrix is bright! We’ve been accommodating a number of integrators and end users who have “seen the light,” and are the early adopters. Currently, we are getting extremely busy with those who are starting to accept the legitimacy of the conversations that we’ve been having for years. The train is rolling with momentum now. It’s time for everyone to get on board, and who better to do it with than the leaders in IP-based Security Systems Health & Performance Monitoring!

Bill Davis, Director of Sales

I was at ISC West a few years ago. And, the idea of having a device health monitoring tool was almost novel; sort of a nice to have add on for those demanding end-users that have zero tolerance for risk. The consensus back then was ‘what I have is good enough’ or ‘I suppose my software should alert me’.

Flash forward to 2018 and the conversation is completely different. Today, customers are demanding situational awareness. Security Managers want to know, at a glance, the status of that huge investment they’ve made in their IP based systems. Even if ISC West was several days longer, I still don’t think we could have seen everyone that wanted to meet with us. Next year our team will be larger, and we’ll have more opportunities for one on one interactions, and possibly a class for end-users and integrators.

Cristine Wick, Business Development West

I had an incredible amount of interaction with our prospects, customers and partners. And it’s evident…as security-conscious organizations are increasingly updating their knowledge with the latest technologies, the trend is to create a holistic, integrated solution. However, what has changed is that more and more organizations are realizing that they still have a single point of failure. By failing to monitor their security IP devices at the device level, organizations are leaving themselves open to substantial risk.

This is why Vunetrix received such a warm welcome from so many frustrated customers. Our agnostic SMART Dashboard solution is easily implemented and EVERYONE can use it.

Sandra Wright, Corporate Storyteller

This was my first experience at ISC West. I haven’t participated in a show this large since I helped plan the Microsoft Office 2010 launch at CES. It was exciting to see all of the SMART technology supporting the security industry.

I was impressed with the level of interaction and education provided by most of the vendors, and the curiosity displayed by the attendees. Security practitioners from integrators to end-users, as well as consultants and manufacturers, were all actively engaged in finding or selling solutions to challenges faced by the security industry today. But, how to choose?

High on the list of attendee solution favorites, were technologies that displayed four key aspects: high performance, exceptional resilience, scalable, and reliable. As organizations continue to develop their security-conscious IQ, I expect many will move to cloud-based solutions that deliver on those four key aspects. Even better, technology solutions that allow both cloud and on premise solutions will likely out perform their competition. Looking forward to ISC West 2019!

What’s Next?

The team at Vunetrix is focused on finding solutions to our clients’ most frustrating problems. It’s how we grow our business. If you have an ongoing challenge with your IP-based security equipment, give us a call. We have more experience managing and monitoring IP-based security devices, services, and technology than any other company out there today.

At Vunetrix, we are keenly focused on the needs of our partners, our customers, and our future clients. We are a company that cares about all of our customers’ challenges. We don’t just focus on complex problems, we care about the little things that can cause daily frustrations.

Our development team is actively growing API integrations with IP security technology. If we haven’t already created an integration for a camera, VMS, switch, server, alarm panel, etc, we’ll add it to our list. Just give us a call! Based upon our development priorities, it takes approximately one month for us to fully implement and pilot a new device or service.
Finding solutions to the challenges faced by the security industry is how we grow! Give us a call today!