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K-12 School Security: A Complex Problem Topping our Nation’s Challenges in 2018

By March 15, 2018May 16th, 2018K-12 Schools

Each and every school day, our nation’s schools are entrusted to provide a safe learning environment for over 55 million K-12 students. Keeping our children safe at school is an ever-growing challenge of school administrators. K-12-School-SecurityColumbine, Sandy Hook, and now Douglas are just three of the tragedies that weigh on everyone’s minds. Since budgets are limited and threats continue, what can we do?  At Vunetrix, we believe education is a good start.

Larry Fennelly, expert witness, author, and consultant, specializes in K-12 school security. In his school security and safety presentations, he typically outlines 12 Symptoms of a school with security problems. On that list is a problem we see time and again. “Cameras are non-operational for months, discovered only after an incident occurs.” Sadly, this is the case for most schools.

Larry tells us, “Crime can be stopped, prevented, reduced, and displaced. All you have to do is have a Master Plan and knowledge of Concepts and Strategies.” Lawrence J. Fennelly

The Master Plan process must begin with security management policies and plans. They are the key resources that outline the parameters needed for a secure environment and solution deployment. They also define the goals and objectives that policy designers and system implementers must achieve to create a secure solution. As aforementioned, K-12 schools often have limited resources, both people and money. Since they have to do more with less, having a monitoring solution that aids with security system management and early issue detection is vital. They need a solution that is marginal in cost and provides assurance that cameras are on and sending video data and that emergency phones and intercoms are working at all times.

Vunetrix provides a single interface, SMART Detection Dashboard, whereby security device health and status information is displayed with color coded graphs for easy interpretation. It also has a real-time alerting system which serves as a “check engine” light for security, providing highly detailed notifications of specific system health issues. It’s designed for quick response and situational awareness. The absence of which would result in Security teams spending additional time checking cameras, services, phones, intercoms, and storage devices, which we know will not happen. K-12 schools simply don’t have the manpower or resources.

Fortunately, at Vunetrix, we have integrator partners, like Advantech in Delaware, who are leading the charge in this industry. They aim to have all of their K-12 customers monitored by Vunetrix by the end of 2018. It truly is the only way to have confidence that the security system is on and functioning as designed.

“Vunetrix is a natural progression for Advantech and its customers. We pride ourselves on always adding value, real-time support, and providing the ability to prevent failures. Ultimately, we aim to manage up-time on any IP enabled device in a customer’s environment. Naturally, video surveillance monitoring is a perfect addition to our service offering. Vunetrix also allows us to manage access control panel uptime, IP phone systems and Intercoms, network switches, and more. Our customers cannot afford to have any of their security devices or services down. Vunetrix is a perfect solution to this very challenge.” Lee Thompson, Director of Sales, Advantech

What’s next?

We need more security leaders throughout the country that are focused on assuring the safety of our children. We know that security system monitoring is just one solution to a part of the entire problem. However, it is one that is easily solved and where the solution is affordable.

If you have questions about K-12 security system monitoring solutions, give the team at Vunetrix a call. We can help you and/or your integrator identify the failures in your security system.

For more information on surveillance system monitoring and its benefits, download our eBook : The Secrets of Protecting Your Security Environment from Lost Video Data.

About Advantech

Advantech is the leading security integrator in the Mid-Atlantic area. Multiple security manufacturers have recognized Advantech as one of the Mid-Atlantic’s top solutions provider for integrated security. They have a customer service focused staff of certified professionals ready to respond and resolve issues promptly. If you would like more information about Advantech or their services, please contact their Director of Sales, Lee Thompson. or 877.674.8405

Please also visit their website at

About Larry Fennelly

Larry Fennelly is an expert Security Consultant who has analyzed 100’s of complexes and has served as a Certified Expert Witness in over 700 cases. Larry’s Books “Handbook of Loss Prevention and Crime Prevention 5th edition” and “Effective Physical Security 4th edition”, are terrific resources for security professionals.

Larry’s specialties include risk assessments of security issues, using the very latest standards and an auditors check lists.

For more information about Larry, visit his website: or 617-686-9867.