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Managing Complex Security Systems with a SMART Dashboard

By February 1, 2018February 11th, 2018Security System Dashboard

The world is becoming more and more complex every day. Crime, cybercrime, and life safety are key concerns for every organization. Technology is also evolving quickly, allowing us to do more, much faster. Unfortunately, that is being used against us, as threats are coming from both outside and inside our organizations. These factors make it important to invest in and  implement new technologies for both operational efficiency and heightened protection.


A Screenshot of the Vunetrix Interface

Unfortunately, there are challenges. Where do you begin? Disparate technologies, often operating in silos, make it difficult to understand the complete picture. Most systems are not set up to monitor the operating status of each device or service. This makes it impossible to know when something is compromised or down. What you need is a SMART dashboard that integrates all of your disparate services and devices.

Vunetrix is a single-view SMART dashboard for security systems.

The Sensor Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting Technology is always on watching your environment and alerting you when there’s a problem.

How does Vunetrix Work?

Our software allows you to prepare, predict, and prevent security breaches in your environment. This is accomplished through monitoring, establishing what is normal, and alerting you when there is a problem.


Through monitoring your environment, you can establish benchmarks for how your security system should operate. In other words, you will have visibility into all bandwidth fluctuations, network traffic, and data flows from each security device and service.

Establish Normal

What do we mean by establish normal? Safeguarding your environment begins with understanding how your security network was designed to operate. We call this, Know Your Normal. Our best-in-class software determines the baseline condition for each physical security service and device in your environment, and establishes the system’s ‘normal state.’ Once you know how your environment should be operating, you set benchmarks or thresholds.


When the system behaves abnormally or a benchmark or threshold has been breached, the system will alert you. Dashboard alerts are color coded and can be audible. Critical email and SMS alerts are automatically and instantly sent to your Security team and monitoring stations. Alerts can be distributed by job function, time of day, and priority.

What’s makes Vunetrix different from other dashboard and monitoring solutions?

That’s simple. Vunetrix was purpose built for physical security and the Security professional. It’s an off-the-shelf solution that can be deployed and set up for maximum efficiency within one week. Most monitoring solutions can take up to a year to optimize. Not Vunetrix. We have hundreds of device and service templates that allow you to integrate your systems and filter out unwanted noise efficiently.

Using intelligent insight, Vunetrix enables organizations to prepare, prevent, and predict security, safety, and operational situations. We help protect retail stores, residential properties, critical infrastructure, cities, campuses, transportation hubs, gaming venues, legal cannabis operations, and more. Vunetrix provides a holistic approach that covers the needs of your organization every step of the way.

With Vunetrix, you get the right information, sent to the right people, at the right time.

Here’s what our customers say about Vunetrix:

“Vunetrix is the heart beat of our security system. Without Vunetrix, we didn’t know when our security system went offline. Now we can be assured our security network is online and performing as designed. If it’s not, we get an instant alert.”
Security Director, Major Communication Carrier

“Vunetrix helps us manage our client’s environment the way they have always wanted us to. We know, often before our clients do, when there is a problem with their security system. We can analyze the situation and know how to respond before we even roll a truck.”
CEO, National Integrator

For more information on Vunetrix, download our white paper, “Addressing the Challenges and Complexities of Physical Security Networks,” or one of our eBooks, “The Secrets of Protecting Your Environment from Lost Video Data” or “The Key to Barricading Assets from Break-Ins.”