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Vunetrix Promotes New Vice President

By October 14, 2019Press, Press Release

“Vunetrix Announces Sandra Krager as new VP of Sales and Marketing”

[Seattle, WA, October 13, 2019] – Vunetrix INC., a global leader in physical security health and performance monitoring, has announced Sandra Krager as the new VP of Sales and Marketing. Sandra is a Brand, Marketing, and Culture executive who helps companies drive innovation and growth.

Sandra-Krager-VP-Sales-MarketingAs the Corporate Storyteller for Vunetrix, Sandra integrates Vunetrix vision, mission, guiding principles, and core values into every aspect of the business. She crafts sales and marketing strategies and processes which connect the Vunetrix team with partners and customers who align with the company’s core values and who fit well with its Network Monitor and other tools and services. She continues to apply more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience to develop those skills, and educational materials to help build trust in Vunetrix expertise and facilitating purchasing decisions which strengthen physical security.

Vince Ornato, President of Vunetrix shared this,” Sandra has been a driving force for Vunetrix since she joined as our corporate storyteller. She has voluntarily expanded her role and consistently taken on additional responsibility to ensure Vunetrix is prominent and at the forefront of our market. Sandra’s attitude and energy are infectious and her production extraordinary. Sandra is the perfect candidate to lead our sales and marketing team.”

In this new role, Sandra will be focused on growing the team who will drive new partnerships with Integrators, OEMs, and Consultants, as well as End User adoption. She will lead the effort of anchoring brand experiences, creating authentic engagement, and accelerating demand for Vunetrix Network Monitor.

“I am excited to join the Vunetrix executive team and assist in growing our Brand. We have an incredible opportunity to help organizations identify and resolve problems they don’t even know they have. Our software is a vital countermeasure for any security network. We help companies stay and prove compliance, and we do it all through purpose built and easy-to-deploy automation. I am honored to be involved in helping to shape the future of our company and the security industry as a whole,” said Sandra.

About Vunetrix

Vunetrix is a Seattle, Wash.-based enterprise physical security software company which safeguards its clients with an always-on, proven network monitoring tool. The core software, Vunetrix Network Monitor (VNM), issues real-time alerts of security system device health and performance anomalies or failures; integrates with various OEM devices connected to a physical security network and delivers real-time reports in a single-view dashboard. Vunetrix award-winning products are deployed by law enforcement and public safety organizations, government and transportation agencies, major enterprises, healthcare, and educational institutions. For more information, visit


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