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Vunetrix Provides Rogue Device Detection and Prevention

Cyber criminals are ruthless when it comes to attacking security networks. They can take weeks, even months to gather intelligence on your network vulnerabilities. But once they find them, watch out. They’ll penetrate your network, steal your precious data and compromise your security infrastructure.

Vunetrix-provides-rogue-device-protection-detectionBy definition, rogue devices are unauthorized devices connected to a network which are likely malicious in nature. In fact, they can exist for the sole purpose of wreaking havoc on or stealing sensitive date in your network. Any of these types of scenarios can permanently damage security systems and your reputation. If you don’t know what’s on your network, you can’t tell when your network security is at risk. In addition, the larger your network, the greater the risk and the more difficult to detect.

Recently, unknown hackers used a Raspberry Pi to attach without authorization to a NASA network at its Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This rouge device infiltrated the network, then moved laterally across the NASA networks ultimately exfiltrating 500MB of data. The device went unnoticed for a 10-month period and touched 23 NASA files. Officials noted, “Assets can be added to the network without being properly identified and vetted by security officials.” This is a serious problem. Click here to see the full article.

You may be wondering, how you will ever be able to discover when a rogue device has connected to your security network? At Vunetrix, we have a solution.

Rogue device detection is a vital component to any network’s security. This has led us to design a *new* sensor to automatically look for any unknown devices added to a user’s network. Vunetrix Network Monitor now can be configured to scan a range of defined IP addresses, at set intervals, to detect IP addresses that are active but have no known devices currently being monitored in Vunetrix. Once an unknown or rogue device is detected, a notification will be sent to the right person or team alerting them to the anomaly for further investigation.

When a new device is discovered on your network, it’s important to know about it right away. Having a solution in place which detects these anomalies and alerts the appropriate personnel is vital to any security network and a standard best practice for cybersecurity hygiene. This is especially true when your network is large or spread across a vast geography.

If you have questions about rogue device detection and physical security network monitoring, give the team at Vunetrix a call. We’d be delighted to provide you with a demo of our solution and show you exactly how the rogue device detection feature works. Contact Us Today!

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