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Vunetrix Addresses Demand to Accelerate API Integration with Video Management Software

By April 10, 2018August 8th, 2018Press


Vunetrix Addresses Demand to Accelerate API Integration with Video Management Software

Real-time monitoring of video management software safeguards against video loss
while assuring privacy and compliance

[Seattle, WA, April 2018]– Vunetrix, the security industry’s leading device and service health monitoring solution, announces the first of many integrations with Video Management Software (VMS) manufacturers. Vunetrix’s SMART dashboard, connects disparate security devices and services, and delivers real-time health and status information into a single-view, color-coded dashboard, and provides email alerts when there is a problem. Integrators and Security professionals alike, rely on Vunetrix to help them proactively manage security environments.
The API integration effort was spearheaded by Vunetrix partners who are actively concerned about video loss inside their clients’ security networks. Up until now, Vunetrix was limited to sensors inside computer hardware: temperature, capacity, processor running. “We could determine if the computer hardware had reached unacceptable temperatures, if they were low in capacity, and if they were in pre-failure state and needed to be replaced. However, video losses could still occur, even when the hardware itself, cameras, switches, and servers are all functioning properly.” said, Todd Pettinger, Director or Technology for Vunetrix.

VMSs provide a complete management suite of functions for surveillance equipment. They take all of the video feeds, record them, and manage the level of data on the hard drives. They also manage the retention of the video data, organize it by day and time, and provide an interface for archiving, searching, and exporting video feeds.

Up until now, Vunetrix could not pull alerts directly from the software. By integrating with the software’s API, Vunetrix gains access to valuable information such as active events that are present on the server, individual camera connection statuses, camera configurations, and more. This allows Vunetrix to catch things such as video loss events, cameras losing connection to the software, even while remaining on the network, video throttling, and more. Vunetrix can now store historical monitoring data, giving Security professionals the ability to research and report on historical software related issues in the same way Vunetrix can now with hardware related issues. It is indeed significant that Vunetrix is looking at the analytics of the software and not the actual video. This is crucial due to privacy and compliance mandates.

A handful of VMSs have built in monitoring but most do not. It is important to note: even the VMSs that have internal monitoring cannot alert to a video loss if the network has failed. With a cloud solution, like Vunetrix Secure Hosting, if the system isn’t getting a heartbeat from the probe, an alert will be generated and notify the appropriate personnel.

Vunetrix can currently monitor S2 and Exacq Vision VMSs. Future VMS integration plans will likely include Milestone and Genetec as well as others. Devices such as the Altronix Linq network modules and other security relevant technologies are being explored. Curtis Nikel, CEO Vunetrix, shared “If there is a particular integration you are interested in, contact us. We are actively looking to solve your problems with security technologies.”

About Vunetrix

Vunetrix is a Seattle, Wash.-based enterprise security software company that safeguards its clients with an always-on, proven network monitoring tool. The Vunetrix SMART Dashboard detects security system health and performance anomalies or failures; issues alerts, and integrates with various OEM devices connected to a physical security network; and delivers real-time reports in a single-view. Vunetrix dramatically shortens the time-to-detection for security failures while increasing safety and automating device and service health check processes. Vunetrix’s award-winning products are deployed by law enforcement and public safety organizations, government and transportation agencies, major enterprises, healthcare and educational institutions, and local communities worldwide. Vunetrix also has an office in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. For more information, visit


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