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Missing video evidence and cybersecurity risk continue to plague small business clients.

Seattle, WA – Vunetrix, a North American provider of IP video and physical security equipment monitoring, is pleased to announce a new program designed specifically for small business clients to help mitigate cybersecurity risk and reduce missing video evidence scenarios. Ornato, Vunetrix President, tells us the ‘why’ behind this new program. “The average day in the life of a small business owner is busy. From overseeing employees and schedules to tracking inventory and HR issues, there’s simply a lot to manage. What’s more, with cybersecurity and physical security risks continuously on the rise, small businesses are falling behind in their security measures. At Vunetrix, we set out to develop an affordable program for the small business client to help them mitigate cybersecurity risk and reduce missing video evidence scenarios.”

Essentials Package by Vunetrix

The Essentials Package allows small business clients to keep a pulse on the status of their IP video cameras and NVR’s. If a problem is detected, the business owner or security manager will know in a moment. They can solve any issues before their environment is compromised and before missing video evidence becomes a problem. This program is ideal for IP video systems with up to 100 cameras.

Included in this package, is an option to monitor workstations. The Center for Internet Security identifies workstation monitoring as a cybersecurity and cyber hygiene best practice. With this package, you can know in a moment if your workstations have been turned on/off, when they are running out of disk space, when your antivirus stops working, and when a critical Windows update is required. All these alerts help to protect your company from cyber threats and data loss

How It Works

The Vunetrix Network Monitor (VNM) is a purpose-built software tool to detect status changes and potential problems with IP video systems and workstations. The VNM automatically checks each camera, NVR, and workstation every 30-60 seconds around the clock (24x7x365). When any one of these components have a change in status, an email alert is generated. You know in a moment if there’s a problem or if the device/service has been turned on/off.

  Device                      Typical Alert                                    Risk Detected

Camera Alerts  
  • Camera offline 
  • Camera bandwidth low/high  
  • Onboard software not responding 
  • Camera not sending video 
  • Camera not sending useable video 
  • Camera not functional 
NVR Alerts 
  • NVR is on/off 
  • Drive space full/Drive failing  
  • Services Stopped  
  • CPU Utilization High 
  • Video loss/degraded NVR performance 
  • Video loss 
  • Video loss 
  • Sever damaged/failing  
Workstation Alerts  


  • Workstation is on/off 
  • Workstation is running out of disk space and/or failing 
  • Antivirus is not running  
  • Windows Update is required  
  • Live video not available 
  • Degraded PC performance 
  • Cyber hygiene 
  • Cyber and operational threat  

About Vunetrix

Vunetrix is a Seattle, Wash.-based enterprise security software company that safeguards its clients with an always-on, proven network monitoring tool. The Vunetrix Network Monitor (VNM) detects changes in status and performance anomalies or failures with IP video systems and physical security inventory. Vunetrix dramatically shortens the time-to-detection for security failures while increasing safety and automating device and service health check processes. Vunetrix’s award-winning products are deployed by law enforcement and public safety organizations, government and transportation agencies, major enterprises, healthcare and educational institutions, and local communities worldwide. Vunetrix also has an office in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. For more information, visit

Small business clients wanting to take advantage of the introductory pricing for the Essentials Package should contact Vunetrix today. Special pricing expires on April 30, 2019. For more information on the Essentials Package and the Vunetrix Network Monitor, contact one of our regional representatives.

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