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New System Health Monitoring Software Enables Faster Resolution Than Ever

By February 27, 2018Uncategorized

Knight Security Systems is proud to announce the launch of KnightSentry 2.0, an upgrade to its patented system health monitoring solution featuring new and enhanced software capabilities that will enable faster resolution of client issues than ever before. Knight clients can leverage this advanced offering through SecurePlan service level agreements (SLAs) or, for the first time, by licensing KnightSentry software to perform their own system health monitoring in-house. KnightSentry 2.0 will be available to all clients for upgrade in 2018.

“KnightSentry 2.0’s innovative software gives us an expanded view of system health, expedites communication, and really speeds the path to resolution for any issues that arise,” says Phil Lake, President and CEO of Knight Security Systems. “That’s all thanks to the user-friendly dashboard, detailed alerts and flexible reporting options.”

The new dashboard, powered by Vunetrix, enables both Knight technicians as well as clients to view real-time updates on system and device status across all client facilities, using a beautiful, intuitive interface. Color-coded alerts and graphical depiction of data make it easy to identify and analyze system issues, as quickly as possible. The dashboard provides detailed device information as well as a heuristic network traffic analysis, yielding a comprehensive understanding of system health on an ongoing basis.

KnightSentry 2.0’s robust alerting system serves as the “check engine” light for every IP-based physical security device on a client’s network. The increased number of alerts — as well as the increased level of detail available — enables system health diagnostics to be performed much more accurately and efficiently. KnightSentry 2.0 error alerts include general on/off, CPU, and temperature alerts; as well as:

Hard-drive failure
System-wide power failure
Backup power failure
Video recording services (NEW)
Critical services failure (NEW)
Bandwidth (NEW)
Device data traffic throughput (NEW)
Device website access (NEW)
Access control (NEW)
Memory available (NEW)
Battery runtime failure (NEW)

“With KnightSentry’s new dashboard and greatly expanded alerting capabilities, Knight technicians and our clients can see the big picture as well as the smallest level of device detail, and all of it’s easier to understand and analyze efficiently,” says Trey West, Chief Technical Officer at Knight Security Systems. “Today’s security solutions sometimes feel like they’re ‘set it and forget it,’ but you do have to watch over every device and the entire network to make sure all systems work correctly when needed.”

Reporting is another important new feature, which provides KnightSentry technicians and clients with shareable documentation of system health, uptime performance, issues, and resolution over time. Reports can be automated or generated on demand; with daily, weekly, or monthly data windows. Thanks to these new reporting options, clients can demonstrate the value of their security investment more effectively, and leverage historical data to improve budgeting and forecasting for future needs. Those with compliance mandates can also use KnightSentry’s reporting to generate the necessary audits and reporting as needed.

With this new release, Knight will offer system health monitoring via its award-winning SecurePlan™ service level agreements and, for the first time, as an on-premise option enabled via software licensing. KnightSentry software licensing will provide all of the benefits of the new dashboard, alerts and reporting to clients who prefer to keep their security system monitoring and management in-house.

To learn more about KnightSentry 2.0, please call 877-590-7990 or visit

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