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Solving a Major Security Challenge for a National Property Managment Company

One of our integration partners, LVC Companies, Inc., asked Vunetrix if we could support them with a requisite request from a potential client, a well-known premier investor and developer which offers students the best in university living and superior property management throughout the country.


This company was interested in hiring LVC to monitor and proactively manage security inventory from coast to coast. Device and application health monitoring was a requisite component of their service contract.

LVC sought to help their client:
1. Better protect their residents, students, and properties.
2. Provide parents peace of mind regarding resident housing safeguards.
3. Produce video evidence when property damage has occurred.
4. Combat liability issues and minimize the frequency of recovery disputes.

In searching for the right solution, LVC looked for a tool that would report the health and performance status from a wide range of security devices, 24/7, across a large geography. A dashboard solution was ideal, one with an easy and intuitive interface that would also alert them in real-time via email in the event that any of the client’s security inventory went offline or failed.

Enter Vunetrix

LVC technicians demoed the Vunetrix Network Monitor and realized they could be alerted via email whenever a security device had a performance issue or had failed all together. In addition, once an alert was received, the technician could log in into the SMART (Sensor Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting Technology) dashboard and troubleshoot the issue. Furthermore, some of the problems could even be resolved remotely, for example: rebooting a camera, or restarting a service could all be performed from the dashboard. Other significant problems could be acknowledged and referred to local technicians to perform onsite troubleshooting and/or device replacement. Finally, resolved issues were automatically updated to up/ok status on the dashboard.

LVC acknowledges, “The main reason for implementing monitoring software was the technology’s ability to access in-the-moment insights about all of our client’s security devices 24/7. The Vunetrix Network Monitor tracks the health and performance status of devices and applications through SNMP and other sensors. It helps us proactively detect systems issues in real-time with limited
human resources.”

See How It Works

Download Property Management Case Study 


About LVC

Headquartered in Minneapolis, LVC operates nationally with regional offices in northern and southeast
Minnesota, western Wisconsin and Phoenix, Arizona. LVC is a full-service fire protection and systems
integration company serving clients both locally and nationally in many vertical markets across multiple
construction sectors. We take the time to listen to our clients and develop solutions that will exceed
expectations while meeting their needs now and into the future.

About Vunetrix

Vunetrix is a Seattle, WA-based enterprise security software company that safeguards its clients with an
always-on, proven network monitoring tool. The Vunetrix SMART Dashboard detects security inventory
health and performance anomalies and failures; issues alerts, and integrates with various OEM devices
connected to a physical security network; and delivers real-time reports in a single-view. Vunetrix
dramatically shortens the time-to-detection for security failures while increasing safety and automating
device and application health check processes. Vunetrix is Always On. Always Vigilant.