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Vunetrix Announces Strategic Partnership with Cybersecurity Frontrunner

Vunetrix announces strategic partnership with Defendify, a software startup giving small businesses more control over their cybersecurity posture.

{Seattle, WA, January 2019]- Vunetrix, the security industry’s leading device performance monitoring software is pleased to announce a new partnership with cybersecurity frontrunner Defendify. Defendify is an online platform which allows small businesses to perform self-assessments, build policies and incident response plans, and train their employees with videos and simulations. Defendify is a modular platform deployed using a SaaS model. Business owners can start out small and build their services as they begin to grow and adopt more modules in the platform. Along with the educational aspect to the platform, Defendify provides a simple and accessible tool to defend against cyber-attacks.

DefendifyRob Simopoulos, Defendify co-founder shared, “When it comes to cybersecurity, one of the top challenges for small business owners is simply knowing where they stand. We help solve that problem by providing a Cybersecurity Health Checkup tool as a first step within Defendify’s online platform. Business operators can perform assessments for their company and receive a report and recommendations on where they can improve their cybersecurity posture.” He continued, “Defendify is an all-in-one cybersecurity platform for Small Business that offers three key layers of security: Foundation, Culture, and Technology. Some of the features within the platform include build-your-own policies and incident response plans, monthly training videos and phishing simulations for employees to enforce and test cybersecurity concepts regularly, scans of the Dark Web for stolen employee and company information, and protective technology to keep businesses cyber strong.”

The team at Vunetrix is genuinely passionate about this partnership. Vince Ornato, Vunetrix President, explained, “Every day we are tasked with questions surrounding cybersecurity. Our customers and partners want to know how we defend against cyber-attacks on physical security assets. This partnership allows us to put forth a consolidated effort on our customers’ networks health and security. The aggregate of monitoring technologies and technical resources are naturally complementary, simple, and elegant.”

About Defendify

Defendify was founded on the philosophy of providing Small Businesses a simplified, ongoing cybersecurity solution that’s easy to use, affordable at every level, and more than technology and confusing IT speak. A comprehensive and streamlined online system, Defendify is the only all-in-one cybersecurity program specifically designed for Small Business and delivered through a SaaS model. We they make cybersecurity easy to understand and use, with straight talk and not tech jargon and provide support by our in-house team of cybersecurity program advisors.

About Vunetrix

Vunetrix is a Seattle, Wash.-based enterprise security software company that safeguards its clients with an always-on, proven network monitoring tool. The Vunetrix SMART Dashboard detects security system health and performance anomalies or failures; issues alerts and integrates with various OEM devices connected to a physical security network; and delivers real-time reports in a single-view. Vunetrix dramatically shortens the time-to-detection for security failures while increasing safety and automating device and service health check processes. Vunetrix’s award-winning products are deployed by law enforcement and public safety organizations, government and transportation agencies, major enterprises, healthcare and educational institutions, and local communities worldwide. Vunetrix also has an office in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. For more information, visit

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