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Vunetrix Partners with Knight Security Systems

By February 27, 2018March 27th, 2018Press


Vunetrix Partners with Knight Security Systems

Real-time network monitoring frontrunner delivers faster issue resolution for Texas’ leading security systems integrator.

[Seattle, WA, March 2018] — Vunetrix and Knight Security Services have teamed up to add real-time network monitoring to the KnightSentry system health monitoring solution. The partnership through the white-label Vunetrix Protect Partner Program (VP3) adds 35 years and over 5,000 installations of experience to Vunetrix’s portfolio. “We are very excited to partner with Knight Security in bringing the best of class network health monitoring to the physical security space,” says Vince Ornato, President of Vunetrix. “The value of Vunetrix is enhanced by the strength of its business partners.”

As a proven network monitoring tool, Vunetrix Network Monitor (VNM) allows Knight to customize monitoring and reporting for each SecurePlan service level agreement (SLA) client by establishing each network’s “Normal” operating behaviors. If a breach, anomaly, or failure occurs, Knight’s security professionals know instantly and can alert their customers or roll a truck to fix the issue. As part of the SecurePlan, Knight immediately sends personnel to handle any onsite service needs, which provides cost and service predictability for its clients. This new network monitoring integration results in proactive and faster issue resolution.

“There are integrators out there that actually do understand what taking care of a client is all about,” says Vunetrix CEO Curtis Nikel. “Knight’s team is committed to more than just having a service department. They want to know real time how each client’s technology is performing, creating a customer relationship that adds value every minute.”

Knight has long been known as a best-in-industry physical security company, providing issue resolution for hard-drive, system-wide power, and backup power failures. With Vunetrix, Knight adds real-time, 24×7 monitoring and reporting of:

  • Camera Not Recording
  • Available Memory
  • Camera Configuration Issues
  • Hard Drive Health
  • CPU Performance
  • Battery Life

Vunetrix supports Knight’s mission to provide its clients with advanced technologies that integrate disparate devices and systems, including active and backup systems. “[The] innovative software gives us an expanded view of system health, expedites communication, and really speeds the path to resolution for any issues that arise,” says Phil Lake, President and CEO of Knight. “That’s all thanks to the user-friendly dashboard, detailed alerts and flexible reporting options.” Vunetrix also supplements Knight’s knowledgeable and highly skilled staff. Collaborations on detailed reports equip end clients with tools to manage their security infrastructure better. This comprehensive approach to system monitoring solidifies Knight’s reputation for being proactive protectors of their clients’ systems, assets, and premises. “If something goes down or if something is about to go down, we know,” says Knight.

What makes the VP3 partnership strong is the alignment of values. “When Knight originally contacted us, it was clear from the outset that our mutual vision for the future of customer support in our industry was very much in line,” says Bill Davis, Director of Sales. “This first impression has proven out to be true and we are excited to move forward with Knight in establishing a new gold standard in service.”

According to Ornato, “Knight Security emphasizes its offering with honesty, integrity and service. The preventative approach encapsulated by Knight Security is aligned with the core values of Vunetrix and attests not only to our commitment but our vision for providing a manageable, safe, and secure environment.”

Vunetrix made training and workflow integration easy for Knight’s security team. Phil Lake, President shares, “Thanks to the Vunetrix team, we were up and running quickly.”

About Vunetrix

Vunetrix is a Seattle, Wash.-based enterprise security software company that safeguards its clients with an always-on, proven network monitoring tool. The core software, Vunetrix Network Monitor (VNM) The core software issues real-time alerts of security system health and performance anomalies, or failures; integrates with various OEM devices connected to a physical security backbone; and delivers real-time reports in a single-view dashboard. Vunetrix also has an office in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. For more information, visit

About Knight Security Systems

Knight Security Systems is a leading security systems integrator, focused on Honor, Integrity and Service. Knight’s advanced security solutions include access control, video surveillance, intrusion as well as fire detection systems. Knight’s headquarters are located in Austin, with offices across Texas. For more information, visit

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For more about the partnership, please contact Sandra Wright at 206.816.4447.

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For more about the Vunetrix Protect Partner Program (VP³) for security companies, please contact Bill Davis 412.600.9495 or online at

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