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Who’s Watching Your Network?

By September 18, 2017October 17th, 2017Video_Surveillance

By monitoring video infrastructure, Security professionals can close the door to vulnerabilities.

Protecting assets, defending your business, and deterring crime are essential to keeping your business and employees safe. Most companies choose to deploy some type of video surveillance system in order to safeguard their environment. The main function of security cameras is to survey and collect evidence of illegal activities if they are to occur. The challenge lies when the system or part of the system is offline. Since IP-based security devices are connected to a network, this should be easy, right? Not really…

Slide1Even though IP-based security cameras have been prevalent for over a decade, most Security and IT professionals are still not monitoring their security systems. As a result, the majority of video surveillance systems are running on unmonitored networks. This is a problem. Security teams have no way of knowing if there is an issue before it’s too late.

Why is it that IT network monitoring is commonplace and emphasized as a best practice even with junior level IT practitioners and not so with security? Where’s the disconnect? Vince Ornato, President of Vunetrix USA shares these insights, “Monitoring of networks and equipment has been a security industry problem as long as I can remember. And I’ve been in the security space for over 25 years. It’s not just Security professionals who are reticent to monitor their network. IT departments are challenged by physical security devices on their network.”

Why is that the case?

“For IT departments, monitoring physical security equipment is a stretch to their budget and manpower. There are just too many devices and enormous amounts of video, which create challenges with bandwidth, disk storage and network speeds. They are often struggling to meet their current demands with skinny resources even before the addition of IP-based security devices.”

It is clear that the conversation about video reliability and monitoring is long overdue. Surveillance cameras are installed everywhere today, and customers demand better means of ensuring that their security and surveillance networks operate at peak performance. Security teams must have access to real-time data on demand so they can evaluate a threat and respond accordingly.

The Vunetrix Network Monitor was designed specifically for Security professionals. It’s a tool that empowers them to efficiency and proactively navigate the health of their IP security technology. We like to say that Vunetrix helps make the invisible visible. It organizes both live and historical data about your physical security network allowing simplified interpretation into actionable insights. Better yet, our software integrates with diverse manufacturers connected to your physical security infrastructure and delivers them into a single view dashboard.

To find out more about Vunetrix Network Monitor and how it can help your Security team, check out our “Know Your Normal” page or download our White Paper, “Addressing the Challenges and Complexities of Physical Security Networks.”